Subsiding "Srednarb Fog of War"

I think the "war is over" for the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb campaign. As I have mentioned on my previous post on clashing of sites, this collision of skills of promotions of the mentioned slogan are already subsiding. The search engine result pages subsided already its previous shaky and non-stable search result pages. It seems that newest effort on the said campaign can not be realized anymore since it is too late already. My mistake is that I become very comfortable with my current ranking and I never thought that someone could actually made it on time to grab my position. Well, I already accepted this fact that someone already beat me with this fight. Now, at least I have learned that optimization process is a continous work. Once you stop things will change in a query and that's it, you lost.

As for my pay-off for the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb efforts, well I hope it will be enough so that I could enjoy the holiday season nice and with "bulky" pockets. :) Now, I have already win not by position on results but in learning new stuff. I am getting old but still I am learning.


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