Last Try for Srednarb Optimization

Ah, it was fast and I just can't see what just happen. An expert who participated the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb campaign easily move his entry to page one of the SERPs in Google after several tries and unknown techniques. I am really amazed about it and actually ask him to teach me the said "craft" he have done with the immediate rise of his site with a little effort. Imagine he was never seen in the top 20 of the rankings for quite sometimes but now with just several hours of "that thing" he then made it to the top. As if he doesn't given any effort at all. I am trying to convince him to give me his "secret ingredients" to this kind of result and if in case he will give it to me then I will try to conduct experiments with it. I must learn it and the only way to do this is to have the missing piece which he is the only who holds.

Right now, I am currently practicing the things that I have learned from the previous test that I have encountered and I find enough in a long run but not as fast as how he have done his trick. I am really interested to know it and I hope he could consider it giving to me. Right now this post is the last try that I will give to my other entry. I want to rise it from the ranking because it already lost itself recently from top 20. Promotional items and corporate gifts are really hard phrase to be optimized and I like this feeling!


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