Vampire Diaries, Jersey Shore and Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

Well there's a lot of shows that you can watch this Thursday night and that is almost everybody is following. Let me enumerate them for you and give some feedback about it plus I will try to give some remarks about the upcoming movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Let us start with the TV Shows that you can watch, beginning with The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 6 which got an episode title of Smells Like Teen Spirit (the title remind me a certain song from Nirvana) which you can watch via The CW channel or on if you want the online streaming version. Next in line is the Jersey Shore season 4 episode 12 which when shared there's a mix reaction or response from a lot of people - from yucks to yummy!.

Other shows that will be out on Thursday schedule on different channels are: comedy series The Big Bang Theory, the fashion series Project Runway, the cult / witch show The Secret Circle, the comedy series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy and a lot more. You can check on for a complete schedule of shows that will be airing on Thursday of October 20, 2011.

Now let us give some brief remarks or feedback for Breaking Dawn. Honestly, I am not a follower of this vampire film series. Maybe because I am not a fan of this kind of story or I am too old for this kind of teen films. Well, what I just don't understand about this movie is why they break it into two parts. Is it the trend right now (like the Harry Potter) or they just want it to make fans to crave for more? Why not give it in one tremendous, historical and unforgettable blow? Why give fans to drool for the 2nd part? Oh well, film makers go their own world and I think its their discretion. After all they invest for it and expect for a much greater profit. However, fans seems don't mind it at all!