Zombie Fever Again!

Honestly I am not really fond of the gore nature of the zombie movies. I just like Milla Jovich and Ali Larter on their Resident Evil film that's why I watch this zombie film. However, it seems that my eye on this kind of genre changes as I watched the newest TV series from AMC entitled The Walking Dead. It is a TV series that is based on the comic series with the same title. I have read a lot of good and positive reviews, feedback and stories about this one. It seems that a lot of people likes the story line of this series.

Why? Maybe the series doesn't just touch the brutal zombie nature of the story but also the people's drama during this almost end of the world apocalyptic state. Oh well, it is not aired here in the country so the only choice that I could make is to watch The Walking Dead online via different video streaming sites.

Right now, The Walking Dead episode 4 is showing this Sunday night and I need to check on the other episodes to fully understand it so got to go guys! BTW, Vatos is the newest title of the said episode.


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