Naruto: Asuma's Death and Supernatural 4.03

After a day of waiting yesterday, I found out that was down and they were not able to release the official sub of Naruto Shippuden. I seen that their website fall in a technical problem and they were not able to officially release Naruto or maybe this is another YHBT tactics of Dattebayo or Youtube upload prevention techniques which I found very effective because I see that Naruto fans were so eager to wait for their release.

Finally, just last night Dattebayo announced the Naruto Torrent and downloaded it. I am really excited since these special two part episode shows the inevitable death of Asuma. You will see here how sad Shikimaru and devastated with this tragic event. Here's the picture of Asuma after he got the fatal wound during his battle with an immortal Akatsuki:

By the way, the current episode of Supernatural Season 4 episode 3 also released the other day and it is interesting as the episode goes on deeper. Dean Winchester got a free travel in time seeing his family tree killed by the yellow-eyed devil who also killed his mother. He saw the beginning of everything. How his mother got the deal from the devil and he found out how Sam Winchester got his psychic power. The angel also warn him about the unknown path of Sam is currently taking.

This is Dean Winchester when he warns his mother regarding what will happen with her in 1983 (which is the death of his mother after the yellow-eyed devil visit them the night where all this journey and battle against evil started)


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